Tree Swallow
Nesting Boxes


In the early Spring, Friends of Greenwich Point installed four Tree Swallow nest boxes within the dunes near the entrance to Greenwich Point. FOGP volunteers check our nesting boxes periodically to be sure only Tree Swallows take up residence in them. The bird boxes were made by the students in Peter McKenna’s woodwork shop at Greenwich Country Day School.


Male Tree Swallows have a bright blue back, dark bill with a white breast (females are generally fuller than the males). Tree Swallows are valuable in controlling the flying insects. The nest boxes, made in certain dimensions to attract certain bird species and discourage others, will be maintained by the Friends of Greenwich Point. In April a nesting pair was spotted and now we have babies to celebrate! 


Tree swallow feeding young 2.jpeg
nesting boxes 2.jpg
chesting tree swallow box.jpeg