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If you spent a little time in the Seaside Garden
this summer, you probably noticed that some
refreshing had taken place. Over a year ago
a town resident, Phil Brous came to the Friends
of Greenwich Point's annual meeting with an
offer to spruce up the Point's hidden gem,
the Seaside Garden. His enthusiasm for the
project was contagious, and the Friends
decided to team up with Phil and the Knollwood
Garden Club, which has maintained the
garden beds since 1964.


Superstorm Sandy Pays a Call...

The team began the planning process and
then superstorm Sandy hit and the mission
grew; trees inside the garden were down,
trees outside the garden had fallen and destroyed parts of the brick wall, benches were uprooted, plantings were damaged and debris was everywhere. This damage required another team member, the Town's Department of Parks and Recreation. Thanks to Bill Burgess, Craig Whitcomb and Ed Fesko of the Department of Parks and Rec, the heavy lifting including, tree and stump removal was taken care of.


....And the Community Responds

On April 7th, a band of volunteers descended on the garden. By the end of the day countless path edging bricks had been re-laid;15 tons of gravel had been hauled and spread; remaining debris had been removed; the grass area had been raked; and a few more damaged trees and bushes had been removed. In the weeks that followed the benches and garden ornaments were cleaned; plantings were refreshed by the Knollwood Garden Club and Sam's Bridge Nursery; and the damaged brick walls had been repaired by the Department of Parks and Rec, Jeff Friedag, and the town mason. A true community effort!

Front, left to right: Iggy Hernandez, Martin Krupa, Tommy Krupa, Steph Angon, Lucas Krupa, Patricio Andaur, Cathy Weisenburger - Back. left to right: Kathryn Brous, Ross Wittenberg, Nicole Weisenburger, Ellen Brous, Phil Brous

Seaside Garden Restoration





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