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Planting Persimmon Trees

This fall, the Greenwich Parks & Trees Division planted 23 persimmon trees in the dune areas at the Point, continuing a cooperative effort with FoGP to fortify the dunes against potential storm damage and also provide a food source for the area's abundant wildlife. Because persimmon trees are known for their salt tolerance and tenacious root systems, they can grow in difficult and infertile land and are commonly used in restoration projects to stabilize soil and mitigate erosion. Consequently, adding them to our dune areas will help protect the beach sand from washing away during high water and storms. And, as a bonus, the trees also furnish wonderful food for our local wildlife. Just like holly trees, persimmons are either male or female, and the females produce the pretty orange fruit that is a tasty, nutritious treat for birds, raccoons, possums, deer and other native animals. Keep an eye out for their fruit next fall.

persimmon tree.jpeg
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