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Your Greenwich Point Photo Could Inspire

Our 2024 Hand-painted Ornament

All submissions due by March 22, 2024

The Friends of Greenwich Point has kicked off its 7th annual Holiday Ornament Photo Contest! We are looking for a beautiful photo of a location that makes you think of the Point that can serve as the template for our 2024 hand-painted holiday ornament. This will be our 12th ornament in the series - the past 11 ornaments are pictured below. We'd like to feature an image that has not been used before.


Some potential ideas for places around the Point that have not been used (but certainly not the only ones) are: shell beach, a view of the Point from the water, Founders Rock and the picnic area or Seaside Garden. When submitting images please think about how the image will look wrapped around the ornament. 

If you have a photo that you would like to enter please email it to by the ENTRY DEADLINE of March 22, 2024. Please include your name and contact information. We will select one photograph to be used as inspiration for our 2024 ornament. The winner will have their name recognized in advertising for the ornament and will also receive a FREE ornament.
Some additional rules: 

  • If you are submitting a photo you MUST own the rights to the image and agree to allow the Friends of Greenwich Point full use of it.

  • All images must be high resolution and in color.

  • The Friends of Greenwich Point's Board of Directors at its sole discretion can cancel this contest at any time.

Friends of Greenwich Point Ornaments 2013-2023 (Facebook Cover).png
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