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Osprey Platforms

Our first Osprey nest platform, installed during COVID last spring, was a welcome success. An Osprey pair, known as Tod and Holly, claimed the platform that same day and are back again this year. 

Last spring another Osprey pair attempted to nest in a tree south of the Clambake area. Unfortunately the tree nest failed. This past March, FoGP teamed up with the the town’s Parks and Marine divisions to install another platform adjacent to the marsh near the Clambake area. This nesting platform remains unused. 

Osprey numbers have increased steadily in our coastal areas over the last few decades. Their population increase is a wonderful reflection on our environmental protection efforts, mainly a larger quantity of fish for them to feed on. However, more nesting platforms are needed near open water to accommodate the increased Osprey numbers. 


An interesting Osprey Fact - Connecticut Ospreys, which generally mate for life, do not migrate back north during their first year of their life. They only return to north during their second year. 

osprey nest.jpeg
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