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Friends of Greenwich Point
Family Quest

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First Sunday Bird Walks

Sparrow. Tree.JPG

A Closer Look at Sparrows

Holly grove clean up 2.jpeg

Volunteers Needed for
Vine Cutting this Winter


Bufflehead Ehlinger.JPG

Winter Water Birds

Red-winged Blackbird male.jpg

A Tale of Two Birds

safe roads 4.jpeg

Safe Roads Sundays

tree planting.jpeg

Tree Planting in the Picnic Area

tree swallow nest box 1.jpg

Tree Swallow Nesting Boxes​

vine tangles after 1.jpeg

Habitat Restoration


Tree Planting and

Dune Weeding


Gateway Garden

persimmon tree.jpeg

Persimmon Tree


Killdeer 5.jpeg


Beach grass planting.jpeg

Beach Grass
Planting Campaign

green sign newsletter 2022.jpg

Beach Emergency Map

Butterflies of Greenwich
Point Park

Painted Lady.jpg
protecting newly planted trees.jpeg

Protecting our
Newly Planted Trees

tod and holly osprey.jpeg

Tod and Holly
Our Osprey Pair

2022 Dunes-3.jpg

Greenwich Point

osprey on nest.jpeg

Osprey Platforms

Habitat Restoration poster.jpg

Habitat Restoration Posters

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