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First Sunday Bird Walks

Building our Osprey Nest 

Tod and Holly

Our Osprey Pair

Beach Grass Planting Campaign

Tree Swallow Nesting Boxes​

Killdeer 5.jpeg


Thick-billed Murr 1.jpeg

Thick-billed Murr

Male Purple Martin Standing, British Col

Purple Martins

tree planting.jpeg

Tree Planting in the Picnic Area

Fogp life guard chair.jpg

What's your POINT?

vine tangles after 1.jpeg

Habitat Restoration


Tree Planting and

Dune Weeding


Gateway Garden

persimmon tree.jpeg

Persimmon Tree



Our mission is to act as an advocate for Greenwich Point. 

We are committed to responsible stewardship and public education to preserve and enhance Greenwich Point's diverse natural environments and beauty; to safe and appropriate recreation; and to the maintenance of its facilities. The Friends of Greenwich Point initiates and carries out projects related to the organization's mission, complementing the efforts and resources of the town.

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