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Greenwich Point Dunes 2022

There was significant dune erosion this spring with an intense storm and high water. The first dunes got washed out a bit (but they were immediately fortified with new fencing from the park staff) and the South beach (between the bridges) got totally washed over into the service road. We have lost a few large trees in that area over the years with more in jeopardy. School groups have helped us plant new grass in this area and the park staff cordoned it off to keep people off the dune grasses. It is important that we stay on paths and not tread into the dune areas as dune health is vital to keep the sand in place and stop erosion. Conversely the last dune of the beach is supporting more grass growth so new fencing was added to protect it. With the plants we added to many of the dunes and more plans in place for new plantings we are confident we are moving in the right direction. We still look forward to the volunteers that keep offering to weed and keep the invasive plants out so the native plants can take over and the dunes can stay strong.

2022 Dunes-2.jpg
2022 Dunes-3.jpg
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