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2015 - 2016 Accomplishments



- Sponsored

  • Halloween Tales

  • Animals of the Night

  • St. Patrick's Day Concert

  • Scales & Slime

  • Invertbrates - No Backbone, No Problem



- Hosted & Funded

  • 4 Summer Concerts

  • 2 Children Concerts

  • 3rd Annual Employee Holiday Luncheon

- Participated in

  • Experience the Sound - hosted a Greenwich Point Art Show

- Sponsored & Funded the 18th year of Safe Roads



- Produced 4 informative newsletters

- Kept the website up-to-date

- Kept members and the community aware of upcoming events through news articles and e-news.


Vegetation & Habitat Restoration

- Funded the removal of invasive plants, weeds and debris from the entry dune and the cove side of the entry road

- Cleared the Holly Grove of debris and invasive vines

- Funded the planting of hollies in the Holly Grove

- Funded the planting of a meadow in the Clambake area



- Held our first Barefoot-on-the Beach dinner

- Introduced the 3rd Annual Holiday Ornament

- Added new membership incentives; Beach umbrella and Tote bag



- Spruced up the Holly Grove birder's pavilion

- Repaired, replaced and added umbrellas at 2nd snack bar

- Provided additional signs

- Installed 2 new concrete bench tops in the Seaside Garden






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