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2020 - 2021 Accomplishments

In the past 12 months the following projects and events were accomplished, despite the craziness of COVID

Recreational and Other Projects

- Hosted 3 Summer Concerts near Founders Rock

- Kept the birds fed through the winter 

- Sponsored and funded the 23rd year of Safe Roads


- Hosted the 9th Annual Employee Luncheon

- Provided the second concession stand with 12 green and white umbrellas

- Introduced the 8th Annual Holiday ornament

- Awarded a scholarship to a Greenwich High School senior

- Created a family friendly Springtime Scavenger Hunt



- Developed an informational sign about the Purple Martins

  and their nests

- Planted new dune grass together with a local boy working on his Eagle Scout project

- Organized 14 volunteer days for removing invasive non-

  native plants, Mugwort, Garlic Mustard, and Mile-a-Minute

  vine, throughout the park

- Planted, together with the town, more than 110 new trees

  and shrubs

- Constructed a new osprey platform near the clam bake area

- Had another successful Holly Grove clean up with 50


osprey on nest.jpeg
xmas lucnh 1.JPG
PM photo.jpeg
Harry Leigh Oak 2.jpeg
Invasives 1.jpeg
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