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Horseshoe Crab Celebration
Saturday, June 17, 12 - 1:30pm

The beach near Old Greenwich Yacht Club

Parking: Marina Parking, Boat Launch and Kayak Racks (#14 on map)


Come celebrate and learn about the importance of horseshoe crabs, a species even older than dinosaurs, that live in Long Island Sound.


Members of the Conservation Commission will explain how the number of horseshoe crabs along the shore are counted during several high tides in June. Some horseshoe crabs are tagged for further monitoring.


Wear clothes that you can get wet,

rain boots and waders recommended. 

Registration: not required

The horseshoe crabs come ashore at high tide in the spring to breed.

horseshoe crab tail.jpg

The tail, or telson, is used for steering and to right itself if the horseshoe crab happens to get pushed over by the water onto its back.  The telson is not dangerous or poisonous, but a horseshoe crab should not be picked up by the telson.

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