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2017 - 2018 Accomplishments

In the past twelve months the following projects and events were accomplished.


Education and Recreational Programs:

- Screening of  “A Plastic Ocean”

- St Patrick’s Day Concert with the Murthas

- Spring at the Farm 

- Wildlife in Winter

- Scales and Slime: reptiles and amphibians

- Nocturnal Animals: Living the Nightlife

- Summer Sunday concert series in Seaside Garden

- Greenwich Point Art Show

- Safe Roads Sundays

- Annual holiday park employee luncheon


Habitat Maintenance and Restoration:

- Hollies planted last December in the Holly Grove
with more being planted this fall
- Developed an Entry Garden planting plan by west
  entrance pillar just past the gate house 
- Installed fence around planted dune 
- Removed Japanese Knotweed from dune
- In process of removing Bittersweet and Mugwort
  from planted dune bordering the gate house

Holly Grove.png
weeding invasives 2.jpeg
safe roads 4.jpeg
Monitor Lizard.jpg
murthas w:banjo.jpg
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