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TLC for the Gateway Garden

FoGP planted the garden on the right (west) side of the access drive just before the pillar. "The Gateway Garden” was planted with native 3 Pitch Pine trees, Bayberry and Inkberry shrubs, Seaside Goldenrods, and Little Bluestem grasses. These plants provide food and shelter for wildlife as well as fortify the area against storms. However, as this garden grows, so do unwanted nonnative invasive weeds. At Greenwich Point, over the years a massive amount of invasive species have overtaken the garden once used by our native plants. Some of the most abundant invasive species include Mugwort, Japanese Knotweed, Porcelainberry, and Mike-a-Minute weed. A few board members got in the dirt this past weekend to do their best to free this garden of these unwanted plants. Since volunteers cannot tackle this alone, the Friends of Greenwich Point will need to hire landscape contractors to help in this never ending project. We hope that by continuing to weed this garden, our planted native species will become established enough to thrive for years to come. 

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