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Tod and Holly,

Our Osprey Pair!

Immediately after Friends of Greenwich Point coordinated with the town to install our first Osprey nesting platform at the Point in April, an Osprey was spotted on it. A few days later a male and female pair began building a nest. They laid eggs soon after and the babies were born end of June, 2020!

Osprey have made a huge comeback in our area but nesting areas are hard to come by, being that they build such large nests and few structures can support them. Osprey tend to mate for life. Since our pair of Ospreys were successful, they most likely will return year after year.

We launched an Osprey naming contest for the pair at the beginning of June. With over 150 entries we narrowed them down and asked our membership to help decide. The official names now are “Tod” and “Holly,” suggested by Janet Murphey. Because her submission was chosen, she will receive a 2020 FoGP Greenwich Point Ornament!

tod and holly osprey.jpeg
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