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Habitat Restoration

Friends of Greenwich Point has coordinated with the Divisions of Parks and Trees, the Greenwich Tree Conservancy, Audubon Greenwich, and Wild Wings as well as other knowledgeable community members to develop a conservation plan for areas of the Point. Our plan targets select areas to control and remove nonnative invasive plants and to restore the habitat by planting native trees and shrubs. Nonnative invasive plants out compete our native species preventing them from growing. It will take a major effort to clear the selected areas of the Point. By continue mowing and maintenance and planting new trees to shade out the unwanted plants, we hope to succeed. Nonnative invasive species we are targeting include Mile a Minute Weed, Japanese Knotweed, Asiatic Bittersweet, Porcelainberry, and Mugwort.

Gum trees.jpg

Gum Trees planted

mile a minute vines before.jpeg

Mile a Minute Vines before


Fresh wood chips along the Holly Grove path


Vines cleared by the Mansion


Vine tangles near the Big Rock before

vine tangles after 1.jpeg

Vine tangles near the Big Rock after

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