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What’s your POINT?


It is no surprise that the Friends of Greenwich Point love the Point.  As our mission is to preserve and protect Greenwich Point’s unique, irreplaceable habitat, we sponsor activities, programs and projects year-round that encourage safe, sustainable recreation there. However, when the Point was closed due to COVID-19, we were all deeply missing our favorite spot, and for many different reasons.  It was a reminder of how much we love this special place.  And so, it got us thinking that we would love to hear from others about “What’s Your Point?” – please share a photo and details with us about what Greenwich Point means to you. We will compile and share what’s sent to us on our website for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to email us photos and “What’s Your Point?” to or you can tag us or message us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts @friendsofgreenwichpoint and use #friendsofgreenwichpoint #whatsyourgreenwichpoint 

Steve Eggers.jpeg

For anyone who is a regular, you will see Steve Eggers riding his quirky bike every day. Steve loves riding near the water, the fresh air and exercise, but most of all, loves seeing all the people he has come to know with a simple hello, a hand wave or often, a stop to chat. (The bike was designed to ease pain back pain and they no longer make them. Many people stop to ask him where they can get one.) He sorely missed his Tod's Point bike rides when it was closed and now he has a big smile on his face, 10 times around every day. 

          - Bobbi Eggers

PBarbian_Good Morning.JPG

Tod’s Point has been my outdoor playground for over 60 years. In the early days my three sisters and I had the place to ourselves as people only came there for the beach. We roamed barefoot, exploring the many different habitats, climbing trees, playing in the vines, feasting on wild blackberries, and playing games in the woods. The variety of habitats, creatures to explore, views of Long Island Sound and the the legacy of the Tod family all helped to work their magic on us. It was our “summer camp” where our parents would take us regularly in-season and even throughout the year letting us freely wonder. As I grew older, it was where I trained for many swim, bike and running races. It was where I met and trained for triathlons with my future husband and where we raised our two boys. Our family continues to treasure this natural gem and I'm honored to assist with its preservation for future generations through being on the board of The Friends of Greenwich Point.

          - Diana Klingner

The Point is the place where I go to find myself. At the fragile edge of land and water, foundation rock and shifting sands. It is a special home and resting spot for a complex web of life that cycles with the seasons and draws me close as participant, observer, and steward.

          - Cynthia Ehlinger

It's where I go to listen to the wind and the water instead of I-95. It's where I go to watch sea birds and sailboats rather than commuter trains. Whatever the season, whatever the weather, Greenwich Point is my place for quiet, peace, and re-creation. My beach pass is as important as my driver's license.

          - Paul Barbian

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