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Eradicating Vines in Greenwich Point in 2022
Volunteers Needed!

9am -12pm

Friday, January 21

Thursday, February 10

Friday, February 25

Thursday, March 10

Friday, March 25

We have tools you may borrow. You do not have to stay the whole time. Our volunteers all seem to have fun and we do get so much accomplished. WE DO NEED YOU!


Please let us know by e-mail if you intend on joining us so we can give you the area for the day or for inclement weather cancellations.

vine cutting 4.jpeg

2021 was an active year for FOGP conservation committee volunteers who worked to eliminate invasive non-native vines and promote a diverse native habitat throughout Greenwich Point. We ended the year with a vine-pull near the Founder’s Rock and a clean-up of the holly grove.

2022 started out strong with a core group of intrepid volunteers' efforts on January 6.  A dozen volunteers took up lopping shears to remove invasive porcelain berry, honeysuckle and bittersweet vines from several areas north and west of the newly planted pine tree grove located just north of the Holly Grove. Many vines had reached up to the tree canopies, effectively smothering the native host trees and bushes by blocking sunlight, adding weight to the hosts’ limbs, and competing for water and nutrients. As productive as this three-hour campaign was, there is still a need to clear more vines in many areas within Greenwich Point.


FoGP will be hosting more Greenwich Point hands-on habitat events in 2022 and we will be reaching out to recruit volunteers to help with those efforts. Working with the Greenwich Parks Department, FOGP hopes to fund the acquisition of more native trees and shrubs to be planted where the weeds and vines have been cleared out. All workers practice safe Covid-prevention policies, including keeping responsibly distant and wearing facemasks when appropriate.

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