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Greenwich Point has recently been

designated as an IBA, Important Birding

Area as such there are a number of

resources related to birds and the hobby

of birding at Greenwich Point. 


First Sunday Bird Walks

Naturalist-led bird walks are held the first

Sunday of every month.  These free walks

are co-sponsored by Wild Wings,

Audubon, and Bruce Museum. More info.


Bird Walks and Talks

Additional bird walks and talks are held throughout the year.  Examples of prior walks; Wonderful Warblers, Mother's Day Bird Walk, International Crossroads of Bird Migration.  To learn about the next scheduled bird walk become a Member of the Friends of Greenwich Point and receive a quarterly newsletter and a monthly Constant Contact detailing information about all the upcoming events, join our Constant Contact, or visit the home page of this website which also highlights all the upcoming events at Greenwich Point. 


Bird Sightings

Interested in seeing what birds have been sighted or would like to note your recent observation visit the Anniversary Holly Grove shelter which holds a simple log of bird observations.  For more advanced data collection, visit the website  With eBird you can start your own private bird list, submit sightings at Greenwich Point or elsewhere, and explore the data with maps, charts and records.


                                                                                   Bird Feeding










Photos by Debra Bender

Click through the Bird photos

Birds of Greenwich Point

Check List


Joe Zeranski has complied a detailed Greenwich Point bird checklist.  It lists 266 species and describes their  seasonal abundance. This along with a field guide will aid in the accurate identification of the birds encountered.


Copy of GP Bird Checklist

If interested in a tri-fold card stock  paper bird checklist or you are unable to print one please email with request and one will be mailed to you

A collection of bird feeders are located in the Holly Grove, from late fall to early spring Greenwich Point volunteers fill the feeders daily. Helping the birds that call Greenwich Point home or those that may stop by as they migrate south.

For more information about birds that visit or call Greenwich Point home, click on these links:


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By Cynthia Ehlinger                             By Cynthia Ehlinger                             

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