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Swingset Mamas Concert

Sunday, June 23 at 3pm

Seaside Garden 

In case of rain, head to First Congregational Church

108 Sound Beach Avenue (near Binney Park)

A Swingset Mamas show is an unforgettable energetic family dance party that builds an atmosphere of joy by playfully incorporating movement, call and response singing, and American Sign Language, while providing an interactive way to reinforce song concepts, creating a shared social experience, and adding to the family fun!  Combining a musical gumbo of perspectives and sharing songwriting and performing duties with friends and family age 3-13, the Swingset Mamas playfully explore universal themes ranging from ability awareness, self esteem, water safety, animal science, counting, telling time, good-time dance parties, rock-star dreams, magical hamsters and more….. all set to funky jams with engaging call and response parts, lively dance moves and singable, memorable tunes for kids and parents alike.

The Swingset Mamas have generously offered to provide free CDs to attending families!

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