While the Point is closed the Public

we are still getting things done!

Twenty trees were planted in February and March with more shrubs and trees on order. The tree plantings have been planted in other specific areas as well to replace old trees that have fallen and to increase habitats for birds and animals as well as shade for people. Our future plans for the Point, in cooperation with the Parks and Trees Divisions, the Audubon Greenwich, the Greenwich Tree Conservancy and friends, are still being implemented. Designated areas, cleared of a tangled mess of nonnative invasive vines, are continuing to be monitored as needed. Native shade trees have been planted in these areas to discourage the return of new unwanted plant growth. 

Our new Osprey nest platform has been erected. A pair has set up residence. Osprey numbers have increased dramatically over the years due to conservation efforts therefore more nesting sites are needed.

Larry, the caretaker, and his children had been filling the bird feeders at the Holly Grove. Our volunteers were not allowed at the Point due to the closing of the Town parks.

Tree Swallow Nesting boxes were erected.

Volunteers have weeded wild garlic mustard from the dunes. This weed inhibits other plants including important dune grasses. 

Osprey platform 

Tree Swallow nesting boxes need to be checked 

Filling the bird feeders

Wild Garlic Mustard


Our mission is to act as an advocate for Greenwich Point. 

We are committed to responsible stewardship and public education to preserve and enhance Greenwich Point's diverse natural environments and beauty; to safe and appropriate recreation; and to the maintenance of its facilities. The Friends of Greenwich Point initiates and carries out projects related to the organization's mission, complementing the efforts and resources of the town.

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