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Osprey Nest

The FoGP coordinated the installation of an Osprey nest platform for which there is a local need. In recent years Osprey have been known to construct nests on moored OGYC boats. Nesting Osprey were rare within Connecticut not long ago but their numbers have increased partly due to the installation of nesting platforms and a cleaner Sound that support more fish. Osprey, which catch and eat fish, are near the top of the food chain and are an indicator of the health of the environment. 


The foreman of Binney Park, Jonathan Fasone, was retained to build the Osprey nest platform for the FoGP. Staff from the Town’s parks department, as well as help from the  Marine Division and the caretaker Larry Imbrogno, aided in erecting the platform in the west side of Greenwich Point at the edge of a wooded area just above the high tide line. 


Matt Popp and Diana Klingner, both on the FoGP’s Conservation Committee, were allowed access to Greenwich Point to check on various FoGP projects during the last month. There was great excitement with the sight of Ospreys carrying nesting materials (sticks) to the newly installed platform within days of being installed. During the winter Osprey migrate to Florida and lands further south. New offspring return back to near where they were born during their second year.

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