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Come find out what invaders are in your garden and what to do about them.  Join Bill McKinney from Habitat Restoration Services at the Innis Arden Cottage for a talk and walk.

  • Learn to identify invasives that may have already invaded your garden or yard.

  • Learn the methods to rid your garden or yard of these invaders.

  • Learn about native plants and how they keep invaders at bay.



Invasives & Native Plants

April 27, 3:00 p.m.

Invasive - Garlic Mustard

Invasive - Porcelain Berry

Invasive - Porcelain Berry, strangling a tree

Bill McKinney


In addition to caring for the 370 trees on his property,

Bill served for years as a steward for land trust

property and became alarmed at the rapid progress

of invasive species.  So he set about to help

change the tide.  He trained and was licensed by

the Connecticut Department of Energy and

Environmental Protection as a Supervisor Arbortist

with Dual Certification in Ornamental and Turf, and

Arboriculture. Bill also earned certification from

USDA's Natural Resoiurce Conservation Service as

a Technical Service Provider (in invasives removal) and Conservation Planner.


Bill then formed Habitat Restoration Services LLC in 2011 and wrote The Eradicator's Guide, established the website to promote education on invasive plant species and the need for their replacement with native plants.  In the past several years Bill, as an advisor to eight land trusts in Southern Connecticut, has helped them in conservation planning and obtaining federal funding for the removal of invasive plant species and replacement with natives.



Help Cut Back the Quantity of Invaders at GP


The Friends of Greenwich Point is looking for volunteers to assist in invasive vine cutting and garlic mustard plant removal.  If interested, send us an email at

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