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Greenwich Point

Causeway Construction

This winter, construction on the Greenwich Point Causeway will continue. In this phase, reinforcement will be added to the back of the seawall on the north east side of the causeway. Work is scheduled to begin the week of November 29th. Starting December 6th, the causeway will be closed Mondays through Fridays. Vehicle traffic will be permitted up to the main parking lot (where the Sunday reduced traffic starts). Pedestrians and bicyclists will be rerouted up an alternate route to access the back of the park and must use those alternate routes to exit the park as well. Please be aware there will still be some maintenance vehicles throughout the park to perform maintenance during the closure.

causeway 1.jpeg

On weekends, vehicles and cyclists will be permitted to use the causeway (outside of the reduced traffic schedule on Sundays from 9:00 – 12:30) in its normal one-way direction. During the construction project, the width of the causeway will be reduced. Due to safety concerns, all foot traffic will be redirected, outside of the Sunday reduced traffic times, and must use alternate routes to reach the back of the park and to exit.


We anticipate the construction period lasting 3 - 4 months, with completion by early spring. The on-site monitors can address general questions. Construction related questions can be emailed to We will update the public on progress on the Town website, and on social media. 

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